Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Well, after 3 countries, 320 miles of cycling, and over 18,000 feet of climbing, the trip was done and we headed for home.

The best part of coming home was getting to pick up the dogs!!!  2 weeks apart was our longest ever and we were missing them for sure.

Back to work was a little rougher but altogether not too bad.  Things have been quite busy for both of us at the office over the last 2 weeks though.

Returning to training has been a bigger adjustment...I really thought being on East Coast time would help me get up for 5:30am masters but it's been a struggle.  I've been overtired and cranky and I think still carrying around a bit of the bug I picked up in our last days in Panama.

On a positive note, it's race week!  My first multisport race of the year is nearly here...my bike is off for a tuneup and my race plan has been approved so all I can do now is rest and wait!

One big change with our return home was the end of the hockey lockout - we've been busy going to Sharks games again and while it was somewhat frustrating to see the season start so late it's good to have our favorite sport back.

This past weekend we were at an agility trial and I ran Max for the first time in years.  I will only run him in preferred jumpers, where he gets a lower jump height and won't have contacts to risk re-injuring his shoulder.  After spending all last year getting him healthy from his awful 2011, it was a delight to walk him to the start line and experience that easy teamwork - you could just see the joy on his face when he realized he was going to get to run a course again!!!  I just wanted to have fun with him, no matter the outcome.  And wouldn't you know it...after not seeing agility equipment - not a bit! - for two years...he nailed it and qualified!  (He came back the next day and did the same thing for a 4th place too!)

It's hard to believe we are already nearly a week into February!  I've got a ton of travel coming up this month - going to take my sisters on some college visits - and it will be busy.  With any luck the month will fly right on by and we'll start seeing signs of spring!


Meredith said...

So proud of Max, I bet he loved every minute of it.

GoBigGreen said...

I just have to tell you that i love love love your header pic! Its just stunning and you are flying!