Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Down To The Wire

Our time living in California is rapidly coming to a close!  While last week was frantic and crazy…this week has moved at a slightly more relaxed pace.  A few tasks to complete each day but otherwise time to just enjoy.

These showed up out front of my house last Friday.  Jeff and I had 70% of the boxes and furniture loaded by Friday evening and 95% done before noon on Saturday.  We are nothing if not efficient; I hope the same can be said on the other end with unloading!

The ReloCubes now fully loaded and locked up and waiting for UPack to pick them up and drive them off to Colorado.  (SUCH a better choice than PODS, in so many ways!)  In the meantime I'm living out of a suitcase with just a few dog supplies, important paperwork and of course swim-bike-run gear traveling with me.  See you in a week, all my material possessions!

Stanley wants to know where his afternoon nap bed went. And why no one will come in the room and nap with him.  That's about the extent of the concern the dogs are showing about this whole thing.

Last night was our last agility class at Fortis - we've trained with Tania for 10.5 years! With the news that USDAA Nationals will be in Morgan Hill in fall 2014…we will definitely be back to visit :)

Of course there was cake!  And it was spectacular.

At this point all that remains are fun events like visiting my former co-workers at their summer picnic and throwing one hell of a goodbye party.  Monday morning, the drive to Boulder begins!


Elayne said...

If you need anything I'm around next week. I can't do heavy lifting because of my bad back but if you need help with anything else feel free to call or email. Must be very exciting to move to a new place!

Molly said...

Thanks!!! Hopefully it will all go smoothly and life will be good :)

Meredith said...

Stop making me cry!!!

I'll wish you safe travels now and hope that all the unpacking goes smoothly. I can't wait to hear all about your new adventures!

The Original MAJ said...

Take me to CO with you!!!!

Good luck with your move :)