Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Four and a half days to go.

Um, not much to say right now. The kitchen table is stacked high with gear I haven't gone through yet, but let's just say we're firmly in the packing stage. I've printed directions, maps, race program. I've picked out all the restaurants we'll eat at. I've grocery shopped. I've made a run to the Sports Basement for extra bike bottles, Gu20 packets, etc etc. I haven't even begun to pack for the dogs or the non-race parts of the weekend. I really need to start going through my race gear and ensuring that I've got everything I need. And then...

Then, it will be time to PANIC. What have I gotten myself into?

Unlike many of the other Ironman races, you won't be able to track my race progress online and I don't know my bib number yet. But you can track race day weather if you like by going here.

We are heading out on Friday morning to check into our rental cottage on the Russian River. We should have wireless at the cottage so I'll try to provide additional updates if interesting stuff happens!

*Not only an expression of panic, this is also what Jeff named his first dog (he was two or three years old at the time). Gah, Cujo...he's got a real gift there, doesn't he?


Andra Sue said...

Good luck on Sunday! Drink a glass of wine for me after you pummel that race into the ground. :)

Andra Sue said...

Well, my foot continues to be sore 12 days out from the injury, although not nearly as bad as it was initially. The swelling has mostly gone away as well.

I had a MRI tonight and should get the results from that in a couple days. Working on some contingency plans for if it truly is a stress fracture...and secretly hoping it's not. :)

And yeah, I can't belive I'm missing Vineman either. :P

Have fun!!!

I'm Gabby said...

Have fun Muppet Mom! My mom can't even run an agility course with me without getting tired. We'll be rooting for you.


Steve Stenzel said...

HAVE A GOOD RACE!! Best of luck!! Enjoy it!!