Thursday, July 31, 2008

Royston, British Columbia!

We arrived yesterday and have settled into our home for the next week or so. They let us in the country (suckers!), despite my apparent inability to properly navigate border crossing booths. The boys were positively overjoyed to see the three beardie girls and I promise many pictures of five bouncing wild dogs. Yvonne and Gary have been great and made us feel right at home.
In the meantime, a few photos from our visit to Anacortes, where the boys had a wonderful time with Penelope Hardy, and the ferry ride to Vancouver Island.

Ferry lines
And we're off.

I went for a nice 40-minute tempo run this morning before the rain started. The weather was cool and perfect! I'm hoping to squeeze in a long ride tomorrow in between all of our prep for the dog shows that start Saturday.
And please everyone think happy thoughts for Jeff this weekend as he'll be riding the Shasta Summit Century! I don't want to come home to a broken husband.

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