Monday, July 28, 2008

Vancouver, Washington

Our latest stop on the journey north! We wrapped up the agility trial with three double-Qs (for the non-agility folk, a double-Q means you were perfect on both of your courses run each day). I think that's a first for Max! We're spending the night in Vancouver before heading to stay with Rhonda in Anacortes and then finally getting to Yvonne on Vancouver Island. After we checked into the hotel, I took the boys for a drive and we found Salmon Creek park to take a long hot walk. Here they are looking dorky on the trail.

Crashed out in the hotel room after a hard night of drinking.

It was a bad idea to screw with the sleeping bathtub puppy. A very BAD idea.

I'm thinking about doing this ride later this week after we get to Yvonne's place (I don't know if the link will work, gmaps has been messing with my head lately). Someone told me it was a beautiful ride up to Mt Washington. Um, did she realize it's 4000 feet of elevation gain over 10 miles? That's like a double Henry Coe! We will will also be a factor, as I'm not willing to come screaming down a mountain on wet roads.

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beardies3 said...

I did say to call if you needed a lift home. LOL