Friday, February 13, 2009

Finally Friday

In all the recovery from camp, I forgot to post last week's training totals. Clearly a heavy biking week!

Training totals for week 7 (February 2-8):
Swim: 3200 yards
Bike: 91.6 miles
Run: 19.2 miles
Strength: ~0.5 hours
Total time: 11.5 hours

It's been mainly an intensive work week, catching up from my time off and prepping for three major meetings next week.

Our winter storms appear to have finally arrived, as it's rained every day since I returned home. This is a good thing for future open water swims but not such a good thing for agility classes - we were rained out of class all week.

I got my first sports massage on Wednesday. I should probably make a regular thing of it so that it's not quite so painful and my poor massage therapist isn't trying to work out 30+ years of tight muscles in one session.

It was Melissa's birthday on Thursday and we all sang to her when she got in the pool at masters. I think I was giddy for her all day knowing what a great birthday she was having (*hint* trading out her hybrid for a road bike is in the works).

The plan for the Valentine's Day looks like this: drop by masters to do some swim drills, take Stanley to obedience class (if not rained out), bike with Melissa and my high school friend Jennifer (if not rained out), and make a nice dinner for Jeff. Both Melissa and Jennifer are going to do the Vineman Aquabike!

Speaking of Jeff, I realized last night at dinner that he's officially my longest relationship. I've been with him longer than anyone else. (Yes, I'm also the longest relationship he's ever had, but that was true after 3 months LOL) To be all mushy for a moment, I'll just say that it's been the best 5.5 years I've ever had and time flies when you are having fun.

And finally - race on over to Elayne's blog and check out this hysterical biking video. Funniest training video ever!


Jennifer Cunnane said...

Good job getting that training in despite a hectic work week. And, I hope you had a great valentines Day!

SWTrigal said...

Great totals Molly! all that training and working-good for you!