Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's Only Wednesday

and I've already trained as many hours as I did all last week. And almost twice the number of miles.

It hasn't been all work and workouts though. As (almost) always, I was at the Sharks home game last night (vs the Edmonton Oilers). Jenn and I had a blast and I played with the new camera in another setting.

The video board at HP Pavilion is spectacular.

Not that we need it, with such good seats!

After a good long brick workout this morning, I came dangerously close to food meltdowns a couple times today. I've learned to recognize the signs well enough to let Jeff know that I'm teetering on the edge and I need to be fed before Mount Molly blows her top. Poor Jeff. He has a looooong year ahead of him.

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Missy said...

Those damn dogs make me smile every time! Yeah for hockey, how fun. Love a live game.