Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I guess I’ve been tagged

Based on Barbara’s post, I fit the criteria to be tagged. Specifically, in case you were wondering, #s 2 and 5. Oh yeah, I’ve got a secret handshake for ya.

8 things to which I'm looking forward
1) Dinner. I’m starving. Jeff is at the park so some lady he met on the street can try the doggie compression socks she invented on Cujo. I shit you not. Hurry up and FEED ME.
2) Swimming around the Santa Cruz Wharf for the first time on Friday night. And hopefully NOT pissing off the territorial sea lions.

3) Nailing Sunday’s LONG ride in the blazing heat.
4) 6/13/09: Racing Boise 70.3.
5) 6/13/09: Having my first beer in 6 weeks, right after Boise 70.3!
6) Going to IM CDA the following week to cheer for all my friends (and meet D)!
7) Of course, Ironman Arizona!
8) The month after IM Arizona when I eat everything in sight

8 things I did yesterday
1) Swam 3000 yards.
2) Did an hour of yin yoga class.
3) Saw the new Wolverine movie.
4) Visited Whole Foods to restock the house with “essentials” like Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate with Marzipan and organic Cinnamon Toast Crunch
5) Walked the dogs twice
6) Went to the day spa for personal grooming services
7) Posted funny pictures of an unidentifiable blob (Stanley) on Facebook

2009_May12 004 8) Fell asleep before 10pm

8 things I would like to do
1) Eat. Sometime this year!
2) Go on vacation. A beach trip sounds good right now, but someday I want to take Jeff to Paris.
3) Dramatically improve my swimming ability.
4) Buy acreage in the mountains and move away from the city.
5) Get a BCCA versatility title on Stanley.
6) Do something that makes my parents proud.
7) Take a break from working.
8) See my hockey team win the Stanley Cup.

8 shows I watch
1) Fringe
2) House
3) Amazing Race
4) Eureka
5) Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire
6) South Park
7) 1 episode of Daisy of Love
8) Hockey, hockey, and hockey

9 people I tag
1) D
2) Kate
3) Cat
4) Julia
5) Melissa
6) Wes
7) Sherry
8) Stef
9) YOU! All the rest of you who weren't 8, you are tagged too!


Stef0115 said...


(I bet your parents are already proud!)

Runner Leana said...

I am hoping to see Wolverine soon, but I am going to see Angels and Demons this weekend first...

Hopefully you have gotten your dinner by now!

D said...

First, I was excited that you mentioned me in your CDA plans.
Then, I was REALLY hoping that when I clicked on "1)D" on your tagged list that someone else's blog would show up hehe.
Looks like I have work to do tomorrow. Good thing I don't have a job to get in the way of it!

Missy said...

What a fur ball! That fur just cracks me up. A neighbor always puts a pony tail right on top of their head. Makes me laugh every time.

Rainmaker said...

That's a nice pier to swim around, swam there a few years ago. And I hear ya on the sea lions, I was worried about the same thing!

Jennifer Cunnane said...

I love your list, very entertaining - and fun!!! You have a lot of exciting things coming up, however, all I could worry about for you is the "scary"? swim in Santa Cruz. Are the compression socks for real? I think I have heard everything now...

Sherry said...

Oooh! I was tagged! I promise to make it my next blog post! :o) FUN!!!!

Beth said...

EUREKA!!! You are the only other person I know that watches this! We LOVE it!

GoBigGreen said...

uh oh just read this. OK will get on it...I am behind in my blog efficient ones who update more than 1x week make me look bad.:) HA kidding.