Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday of Randomness

  • Spring has FINALLY arrived in all its glory.  Comfortable mid-high 70s and sunshine.  I rode outdoors yesterday at 8am.  With no arm or leg warmers on.  And it. was. AWESOME.  I am sure I doubly appreciate this after a rainy cold race weekend.
  • My bike shop is still hard at work installing my Powertap.  They have to build a new wheel and it is taking time to order the right parts.  It will be fun to finally give it a try though!
  • I ordered the ISM Adamo racing saddle today.  Comment from the bike shop: “Um.  That’s a really ugly saddle.”  Yes, but if it’s comfy for me over the long haul, that’s all that really matters.

  • I’ve been enjoying my rest week – easy swim, easy bike, easy run… Well, some of the fun ends tomorrow.  I have…*dum*dum*dum* A Swim Test.  Again.  Aren’t I just so lucky?!  And then next week I have my longest training week ever – THIS, I am excited about.
  • Speaking of tomorrow, the beardie boys and I will be heading to Carson City for a USDAA agility trial.  Running dogs and training at altitude – oh boy.
  • Finally, RACE PHOTOS are here!!!!

First off, more proof that my 15-year-old sweatshirt gets around.  She had just finished racing and she needed a dry layer of warmth.  I’m starting to see it like the Geico eyeballs, turning up everywhere.


Pages and pages of photo skimming later, I found one of me in the swim.  I spotted my blue goggles and red watch!


I must have been happy it was finally not raining?


I passed the guy in grey on the last stretch of trail and as I ran for the finish, everyone behind me was yelling at him “Don’t let her get away with that! You can catch her! Come on!”  He didn’t catch me.




jennabul said...

I love that you beat the guy in the gray with the crazy huge muscles =)...and if the saddle works - that will be awesome!!

GoBigGreen said...

I *HEART* my ISM saddle. Never looked back and have had ZERO issues with it once i got the position right!
Glad your training is going well, and yes rest is part of training. I always forget that!

Marit C-L said...

Love the sprint finish - NICE WORK! Hey - did you know that Andy Potts, Michellie Jones, Kate Major, Hillary Biscay and NUMEROUS others use the ISM saddle? Myself included. It was a little wide/uncomfortalbe on the sits bones at first - but I swear by it. Worth every penny... And for the first time EVER during a race (Oceanside), I didn't fidget or hate my saddle - not one bit.

Sometimes you need something a little unconventional... enjoy!

Dances with Corgis said...

Um, hello... that picture of you on the bike is GORGEOUS!!! It looks like an ad for helmets or something. Who the heck comes away with a flattering, awesome freaking RACE photo?!

I am amazed :)

Hope your powertap gets installed soon, waiting for bike work is always so aggravating.

Missy said...

Hells yes you chicked that guy! Way to rock it.

I don't care if the saddle is ugly as long as it doesn't break my cooter bone:)

Wes said...

I love my ISM too. At first, I wished I had gotten the road saddle. More gel, ya know. But my butt has recovered nicely from four months off and the saddle feels gooood this year, which is important :-)

Great pics!! You look so determined on that awesome run finish....

Larissa said...

Great Pictures Molly! Love the bike one you look so happy to be there :)

ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, when it comes to bike saddles, what good is it if it looks good but you can't sit on it for long periods of time? Mine is really dorky looking but I love it!

Great photo of you at the finish of the tri!!

Runner Leana said...

I love the shot of you where you just chicked the guy and you are getting some major air on the run. Nice!!

Have a great weekend at the agility trials!

LittleRachet said...

I'm finally starting be one with my ISM saddle. It has taken a while to get settled - sitbones have been a bit sore. But honestly, now that the weather is nice and I'm on the road and not on the trainer - MUCH BETTER!!! As a slight adjustment, I used zip ties to bring the width of the nose in a bit.

Congrats on your race - way to chick that guy!

Michelle Simmons said...

I was just looking at that saddle... since everyone swears by it... but I just couldn't drop the $$$. Mama doesn't have a job. :( Hope it works for you!!

Rainmaker said...

The run shot came out quite nice!

Sherry said...

Look at that run shot! WOWZA! Picture proof that you had an AMAZING run!!!

The ISM Adamo... I've been riding on one for nearly a year now (so I've got a gazillion miles on it). Here's my take: it absolutely eliminates any and all soft-tissue pain for me. Feels like my crotch isn't even a part of the bike. I LOVE it for this.

On the other hand, I am shopping for a new saddle b/c my Adamo keeps giving me ONE pesky saddle sore on my right side only. I don't know if it's the width of my pelvic bones (and they just don't fit right on the saddle) or perhaps I'm sitting cockeyed or what?

Hopefully you won't run into this problem. :o)