Thursday, May 28, 2009


The blog has been quiet this week but life has not.  It just hasn’t been anything utterly exciting to report on.

Training carries on.  I did my last pre-Boise long run on Wednesday, with several long stretches at race pace, and NAILED IT.  I was quite happy with myself for that.  That morning I had tired legs but gave myself a little attitude adjustment and I was off and feeling great. 

I took Max in for a rabies shot so he can be licensed for another 3 years.  This will probably be his last one and we will titer next time he is due.  I already stopped doing the other boosters on him after he hit adulthood.

Stanley is giving off small signs of maturing.  I don’t know why it should surprise me – I do remember what happened with Max between 2 and 3 years old – but it does.  There is a glimmer of a brain under all that hair and he’s had several brilliant agility classes in a row to display it.  Running full courses nicely, sending ahead through the weave poles on his own…slowly it is coming together.

Just my Friday-Saturday-Sunday workouts remain and then I think I start the ssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh taper.

Luckily there is still quite a bit of training on my schedule for the next couple weeks.  Less volume but still work.  Because the taper and I, we have a strange history.  We make each other just a wee bit crazy.  The kind of crazy that Google searches every ache and pain to determine what major injury is indicated, the kind that looks for projects to do because the brain – probably more so than the body – can’t handle not doing anything, the kind that takes pre-race planning obsessing to a whole new level.  Oh yes, fun times ahead, my friends! 

But for now, I am excited about the present.  Friends who are racing this weekend that I am excited to cheer for (through the internet), a new cycling route on Saturday, an open water swim with friends on Sunday.  Bring on the weekend!


ADC said...

yay for the great run. Can't believe Boise is that close.

Missy said...

Is the weekend here yet!? Dang, who knew it was a 4 day week!? Sweet boys you have.

I do like a taper, I can not deny it!

Wes said...

Ahhh, taper time... Stanley is brilliant, I'd say :-)

Sherry said...

I must pick your brain about the shots a bit. You mentioned that you stop boosters at adulthood and then just titer for rabies. This has worked well for the health of the dog? If I could give Koby and the cats less shots, that would be AWESOME!

Congrats on nailing your last long run... that's always such a confidence booster!

D said...

3 days of no posts is a quiet blog? Jesus... I guess mine is dead.

LittleRachet said...

I wish I had that nervous energy during taper. My house might actually get cleaned for once!