Friday, May 22, 2009

Sharing the Fun

Today, Max and I had the pleasure to participate in a demonstration by our agility school at a local middle school.  Specifically, we were a year-end reward for the honors students.  We performed in two demonstrations, each with 250 students.  It was a big and enthusiastic crowd!

Walking the course in the early morning

2009_May22 004

For each group, my teacher introduced the dogs and handlers and explained what agility was.

2009_May22 007

And then we were off and running the courses!

And if you want to see SUPER-fast, my teacher and her dog!

After our runs were done for each demo group, we walked the dogs around the crowd so the kids could pet them.  I didn’t expect Max to enjoy that nearly as much as he did.  He got pets, he kissed kids, he rolled on the ground so they could rub his belly, he did the “happy dance” for butt rubs, and he even curled up to snuggle a few sets of girls when he was hot and tired at the end.  I was very proud of the old man!

Of course, all this running around in the heat meant that my hard run/easy bike were put off until mid-day, when it was the hottest outside.  And, um, I didn’t expect it to be quite as hot as it turned out. 

After 40 minutes of warmup and steady zone 2, the last thing my overheated body wanted to do was run 3 long stretches at faster than race pace.  #1: Oh, this isn’t too bad…I’m doing it, I’m hitting the right pace…OMFG I’m hot and this is hard!  #2: Suffer suffer suffer.  #3: Last one…I’m doing it…WTF do you mean it’s only been 3 minutes…should I just quit early…hell NO you aren’t quitting early, if that’s what you do every time it gets hard you won’t survive Ironman…push push push, DONE! 

I am glad I ran loops today so I could grab water when I went by the house (and throw my running shirt on the front lawn after I got too warm for it).  After a big recovery drink I hopped on the bike for an easy spin (OW! Still sore from yesterday’s ride!).  Finally, at 3:30 in the afternoon, I could take a shower!

I have some big training left for the week but it’s very exciting because the end is in sight.  I know what is left to do to prep for my race and I’m ready to put in the work to get there.  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend planned! 


Runner Leana said...

Was that Max barking through the agility course? So cute!

Nice job on gutting out that run. Hope you have a fantastic long weekend!

Wes said...

Wow! Max did splendidly!! Very impressive. Teach's dog looks like its on crack :-D