Sunday, July 26, 2009

6 Days to Go!

It wouldn’t be a taper if I weren’t convinced I was critically injured in a way that would alter my race for the worst. 

If you remember, last time around I was certain 1 week before Boise that I had a torn rotator cuff, somehow caused by being blown off my bike in heavy wind.  Of course, by the time race week rolled around and I hopped in the pool, my shoulder felt fantastic and I had to acknowledge it was more likely the pain had just been soreness from my shoulder hitting the pavement after a 40mph gust of wind.

This week, the purported injury of the moment is shin splints in my left leg.  In fact, I’ve found a nice knot in my left calf (after spending all that time at the massage therapist getting one worked out of my right calf) so there is some basis for this theory, but as I’ve iced and stretched and rolled and rolled and rolled it appears to be improving.  I’m still not raring to run right this minute and will give it a few more days to rest, but I should be OK.  Saturday’s run was pain-free and fairly comfortable and zippy!

After my last longish pre-race ride this morning, I’ve more or less spent the day planted in front of the computer tracking my friends racing Ironman Lake Placid.  One more left to cross the finish line and I can finally go eat something!

I’m feeling surprisingly calm about racing right now.  I don’t have anything packed but I have until Friday.  The nice thing about this race is knowing the course like the back of my hand.  It’s my turf, baby, and I LOVE the course.  Just do me a favor and think wetsuit-legal thoughts!

Training totals for week 31 (July 20-26):
Swim: ~6780 yards
Bike: 43 miles
Run: 15 miles
Total time: 8 hours
Plus 1 hour of yoga


Andrea said...

GO get 'em Molly! Can't wait to read the report!

And one thing's for sure, it will be SOO much better than your last 70.3!! There is no way you'll get conditions like that again. :)

Michelle Simmons said...

Half Ironman on a course you know goes by SO MUCH FASTER than one on a course you don't know! You'll fly this weekend. :)

ADC said...

It's great when you know the race course so well - you will kill it. Yay!

Sherry said...

You are too funny (psychosomatic injuries), but I completely understand. Pre-race jitters/excitement, tapering... it all brings out so many emotions and feelings. We train SO hard for all of this!

Wishing you a terrific week! Good luck this weekend. You are going to be awesome!

ShirleyPerly said...

You DO NOT have shin splits! At least I hope you do not. There's nothing more to be gained fitness-wise by running at this point anyway so better to rest up and get ready to have a great race.

Good luck!!

Runner Leana said...

Oh, darn those knots that hurt our shins! Sounds like you are on track to treat those babies!

I'm sure you will have an absolutely stellar race this weekend Molly!!!

Rainmaker said...

Keep enjoying that taper! And no breaking anything for real. ;)

It'll all be good!