Friday, July 31, 2009


Long drive to Wine Country: Check.

Leaving at 9am allowed us to avoid most of the insane traffic that plagues Highway 101 north of San Francisco, but it still took us about 2.5 hours. 

Short brick workout: Check.

The river water felt – in my opinion – wetsuit legal but still warm enough to be quite comfortable.  I’m excited to get in there tomorrow!

Race check-in and expo: Check.

Thankfully the longest expo line ever went by quickly and we were checked in!  I am going to be very happy to see this finish line tomorrow.

2009_July31 003

Race meeting with friends: Check.

Melissa and Blondeez are so ready for the Aquabike tomorrow!

2009_July31 002

Pre-race packing/organizational panic: Check.

It’s all been pulled together, packed, and is ready!

2009_July31 004

Gnomey antics: Check.

2009_July31 007

Obligatory pre-race photo of Chris with her gnome: Check.


Catch you on the flip side, gnomies!  Tomorrow is going to be great fun!


Sherry said...

Molly... I'm SOOO excited for you! Look at those beautiful blue skies... I hope they stay exactly that way for you tomorrow. A picture perfect, beautiful race!

Knock 'em dead, girl! :o)

Trishie said...

Wooooo ! have a great race tomorrow ! looking forward to hearing all about it !

Sarah K said...

Yay, you're going to have an awesome race! I'm cheering for you!!!

Tea said...

I canNOT wait to hear about it! I've been seriously considering Vineman in 2010.