Sunday, July 19, 2009

Roller Coaster Ride

Agility trial weekends always make for a roller coaster ride of emotions – you’re up, you’re down, you’re laughing, you’re confused…you have it all.

I kicked off the weekend by deciding Friday afternoon to bathe both dogs in the heat of the day so they’d be fresh and beautiful for the trial.  I’m a sucker for clean fluffy beardies.  Our preferred method of air-drying is a good game of fetch out in the sun.

Now that the trial is over, the first thing to say is… I’m fried.  I don’t mean tired this time (though I am), I mean literally burned.  I wore pants to cool, foggy, coastal Carmel on Saturday and didn’t think when I switched to shorts as it was still cool and often foggy/cloudy. 

Oops.  Can you believe – all the training I’ve done this year and this is the first sunburn I’ve gotten?!

2009_July18 010

Our highlights from the SMART USDAA trial:


  • Stanley in PI (Starters) Gamblers: Spent a lot of time wondering what he was doing there and looking overwhelmed.  He did get his dogwalk contact (once he finally got on the thing!) but that’s about it.
  • Max in PIII (Masters) Standard: Clean run, but 1 second over course time – bah!  3rd place though!
  • Max in PIII (Masters) Jumpers: Clean run - completed his PIII Jumpers title!
  • Stanley in PI (Starters) Jumpers: Stanley finally woke up and realized what he was doing there!  Even with a couple bobbles, he finished speedily and won his class. 1st place!!!


  • Max in PIII (Masters) Snooker: Nice controlled speedy run and won the 22” Performance class of 15 dogs!  1st place and a Super Q!!!

All in all, I can’t complain about the boys a bit.  Stan showed he is coming along, and Max showed he’s still an eager and willing partner who wants to work for me at anything.  Even with the runs we didn’t nail, he tried so hard and I’m very proud of him.

When I got home after today’s show, it was time to head out on my long ride for the week.  Nevermind that it was already 90 degrees out, it had to get done so off I went (properly equipped with salt tabs, water, etc and coated in sunblock).  It was not pleasant but it wasn’t as bad as a run in those conditions.  I’m sure it was good for me, as we’re still not sure what Mother Nature will bring for Barb’s RAce but it’s likely to be warm.

Another week done and gone.  And I think I get to say it now…TAPER TIME!!!

Training totals for week 30 (July 13-19):
Swim: 5660 yards
Bike: 68.4 miles
Run: 16.7 miles
Total time: Just shy of 10 hours
Plus 1 hour of yoga


Trishie said...

yay pups ! and woooo taper... let the madness begin ;)

D said...

Congrats to you and the pups!! Enjoy taper. mmm... food :)

Sherry said...

Your pups are so awesome! Congrats to them (and to you)!

Enjoy the taper this week... woo-hoo!!! :o)

Wes said...

Very proud of the puppies!! That is awesome. Taper time!! Woot!!! :-)

Runner Leana said...

Congrats to the pups on a stellar weekend! Wow, nice week of workouts Molly. Bring on the taper!!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Yep, I have been sunburned more times when not training than when training. Way to get that run done in the heat. I'm with on that, sistah!

PS - Such cute doggies :-)

Jennifer Harrison said...

I LOVE THE TAPER - love it with me! :)) heee heee, enjoy...AND good luck @ Barb's...!!!!