Friday, October 9, 2009

Social Life

From fall to spring, Jeff and I joke that hockey games are basically our social life.  We’re at just about every home game and we typically manage to watch the away games, no matter where we are (I think we’ve even found a few when traveling in Mexico).  Given my 9pm collapse-from-exhaustion bedtime all week, I was wondering how I would fare last night at the Sharks home opener and if I would be able to stay awake!


Seeing the 3 new banners from last season’s accomplishments was fun.


Thankfully I was wide awake as they made it quite an exciting game. 


There were fights…


and goals…


and a Dany Heatley hat trick! As usual I think Jeff’s hat was the first to hit the ice.


That all makes up for the fact that I have no voice today, right?


Have a great weekend!


jennabul said...

I think you are right. I swear I saw Jeff's hat out there first. You could see it on TV =). Great game!!

Wes said...

LOL... Does Jeff wear old hats to the game :-)

You're welcome for all the years we spent perfecting Heatley's skills for you guys!

Runner Leana said...

Ah Dany least he got what he wanted at the end of the day! Sounded like it was an exciting game. Yay...bring on hockey!!!

*Super excited for Olympic hockey in 2010 too!!!*

D said...


GoBigGreen said...

woohoo! I have that Lulu jacket in pink:) heehee