Sunday, April 25, 2010

10 Honest Things

I got tagged by Maria to post 10 honest things, so here goes, I’ll try to incorporate it into my week’s wrapup.

1) I’m not squeamish about lizards.  This guy has been making appearances around our house for a few months.  He must be eating well as he’s nearly 12 inches long.


2) Running gives me such a high, it’s amazing.  I finished up my little training week with a reasonably hard run that involved a series of intervals at 10K pace.  I had to laugh at my own swagger when I was done, I just felt so good!

3) I’m pretty well in love with the 1 week old babies – they’re growing so fast!  There should be individual 1 week photos of them posted sometime soon here.


4) Their sire does a number on me too.  Who can resist those eyes?  Can you believe those little goobers grow up into big goobers like this?


5) It’s always interesting to see what happens to old classmates.  I stumbled upon my ultimate junior high bully on Facebook.  Yeah, not so impressed with how he’s turned out.  And I was just informed that Paris Hilton’s newest squeeze, a fashion model she used to date, was a college classmate of mine at the University of Chicago.  Gee, I guess I *really* wasn’t paying attention in the dining hall.

6) Everyone I know is dropping like flies – I know it’s a function of our age group but it seems like everyone everywhere around me is pregnant.  It sort of makes me wonder how one survives their 30s and finds friends to do things with if you don’t have kids…while I know we’ll still be friends, I also know that priorities and availability DO change.  I’m happy for everyone, don’t get me wrong, but it just feels like it’s achieved critical mass lately.  Talking to Jeff about how he got through it is no help – his friends were all guys who just leave the kids at home with mom and go out for a beer.  I suppose time will tell.

7) I have a total hockey hangover today.  No, I didn’t drink but the Sharks have played some real heart attack hockey in the 1st round and the Avalanche gave them a serious challenge.  The series was clinched in Colorado last night and now we wait and wait and wait to see what happens in the 2nd round.  Kudos to the Avs for a series well played!

8) I am more grateful to Jeff, for supporting me as I completely changed my life, than he possibly ever realizes.  And to Max for introducing us in the first place.  And even to that big drooly lug Cujo for sharing in the blame.

9) I don’t have a very high opinion of most reality TV.  Blame the U of C elitist in me but…it’s such trash. 

10) While I don’t post them, I set ambitious race goals for myself.  Sometimes I achieve them, sometimes I don’t.  As long as I did my best, that’s OK.  But just in case you ever wonder if I am just winging it versus aiming for a certain number…oh yeah, I am.

Training totals for April 19-25:
Swim: 7350 yards
Bike: 64.3 miles
Run: 17.5 miles
Strength: 30 mins of TRX
Total time: 10.5 hours

Exactly 2 weeks till Rev3 race day!


Missy said...

#6) Friends change but they seem to come back around after they're more mobile or need a break. Your house will be the break house, the, can I come and spend the weekend from the kids and hubs house and we don't even have to do anything big. Yep, I'm totally there. It's me, hubs, dogs and hobbies. There you have it!

Maggs said...

I want a puppy. I think Harley and Springer do too.

Melissa said...

So does the gray coat come in as the puppies get older, or do they stay black/brown? I can't wait to see more photos.

The friends and kids thing it tough. Hopefully the friends who are having babies have supportive SigOs and are 'able' to go out and have some adult time with friends.

Michelle Simmons said...

Moana would be all over that lizard. She'd see it and say, "Gecko". :)

And yes, it's really hard to keep friendships the same after you have a baby. While I see my non-mommy friends A LOT less now, we are still friends and enjoy catching up when we can find the time!

San said...

Interesting. And I have the same trouble you mentioned in #6. I recently just asked myself about this and I haven't found an answer yet. It's nervewrecking, but at least you've got Jeff.

Have a good training week.

ADC said...

We are in the same boat as far as the pregnant friends are concerned. I guess it is that age. I know we will be there some day as well so I just try and see them as often as I can without chaning my life too much.

Wes said...

All your friends are pregnant, get with the program :-) HAHAHA! I kid :-D

Maria said...

Great list!
I'm always interested in seeing what old classmates are up to, (especially when the 'popular kids' are gaining weight, as mean as it is).
My friends have already started dropping like flies, and I’m only 23! To be fair, I guess a lot of friends are older…
Love the lizard…that would be so cool to see (stupid boring Iowa…all I get to see are cows and ducks.)

jennabul said...

"Hockey Hangover" is my new favorite phrase! If I don't get adult time (and plenty of it) after I am a parent, I will go nuts. Hence why I plan on working and training once that little event happens, whenever that is. Those puppies are stinking cute. I wish they lived closer too...

Anonymous said...

I found the young family years pretty lonely myself. It's just not the same afterwards but some come back. Doing triathlon helps open up the age group possibilities for friends (hey I'm 46 and you talk to me) as well as keeping you young enough to keep up with younger, pre-baby types. If you're not up to having kids stick to your guns, there is just as fulfilling a life out there without them.

ShirleyPerly said...

You're one of the few bloggers I follow who doesn't post their race goals. But obviously this works for you as you are making so great strides in your training and racing. More power to you!

Rainmaker said...

So the way I see it, I think you're within Paris's inner circle! I know a celebrity now!

Meera said...

I hear you on the friends with kids thing. The wee ones are pretty portable. By the time they are 6 months old, till about 3-4 years, your life is scheduled by their nap times. Every thing your friends want to go to potentially costs you $50 more because you need to get a babysitter. I no longer go to weekend lunches unless it is just a few ppl and Ro can sleep there (aka in someone's home). I also skip going out for movies as couples because of the cost of a babysitter (few exceptions based on movie). And I remember being on the other side of all this just 2 year ago.

Diamond Girl said...

#7) So, my boys failed to do it, so I'm counting on your boys to pick up the slack. Go Sharks!!

#6) So, so true. I just had the last friend, **the ONE I could COUNT ON!!**, turn traitor.

Runner Leana said...

How did you and Jeff meet?

Ah yes, dropping like flies....indeed!!!!

Keri said...

I am with you on the kid thing, geeze, everyone is pregnant. I agree with Missy!