Sunday, April 18, 2010


* When I brushed my teeth last night and went to rinse, I spat out copious amounts of blood.  Hmm, I guess I got kicked in the mouth somewhere along the way in the swim?  I don’t remember it, but this happened to me in the Barb’s Race swim last year too.

* My feet HURT.  Everything else is OK.  But the bottoms of my feet…it’s just about impossible to walk barefoot right now.  Let’s just say I am consistent about running hard in transitions and I don’t tend to notice rocks along the way when I am focused.  Ow.

* After 8 hours of sleep, it was time for a 2 hour drive to Sacramento for Stanley and I to hit the dog show.  Goober showed so nicely, I was very proud of how well he is coming along.  And his brown baby brother Bean went Winners Dog for his 2nd championship point!


* Puppies are on the way! So far it sounds like things are coming along well.  Hopefully photos tomorrow!

Training totals for April 12-18:
Swim: 4850 yards
Bike: 21.3 miles
Run: 8.2 miles
Total time: 4.6 hours

The “easy” race week is over, time for some big weeks of work before Rev3!


Maggs said...

Are you wearing slacks and tennis shoes? Did you purposely cut the rest of you out of the photo?

Molly said...

Nooooo, not me. That's Stan and Bean's breeder.

San said...

Ouch on the blood and the feet. But you've done really well in this race.

Hooray for Bean and Stanley.

You'll rock the next weeks I'm sure of it.

Have a good start.

Cheers, San

ADC said...

Ha ha Maggs' comments is soo funny. I bet the puppies are very cute.

Sherry said...

Hurray for puppy photos!!! I can't wait!

Take care of those feet of yours... maybe some ice would help?

jennabul said...

Bean is such a cutie. I have always like him. Props to Stan too for being a great doggie as usual.

Wes said...

Wow! You got a bloody mouth and didn't even know it? That's whay I call FOCUS!! :-)

Congrats to the puppies for a great showing!! You sound almost as busy as me!