Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vineman Showdown 2010

I had to do Vineman Showdown again this year…after last year’s issues at this race (fall, bike problems, wearing chain grease across my face, etc), I wanted to come back and be a little more successful. That said, I probably won’t do this race again with the course changes they made and my general lack of enthusiasm for afternoon starts (this year the race started at 4pm, my wave at 4:30 pm). Still it was exciting as today was Jenn’s first triathlon! I will let her tell her race story on her own blog but I’m very proud of her!!!

Enough waiting already, let’s start!


Our wave goes off!


0.25 mi Swim. Including run onto the beach and up a steep hill to the timing mat. 2009 time: 10:16. 2010 time: 7:25


T1. 2009 time: 2:21. 2010 time: 2:07 Got my wetsuit off a little faster.


New added course feature (blech): 0.25 mi run with your bike to the mount line. Uphill. 2:19.

9 mile Bike. Windy, hilly, bumpy and fun! 2009 time: 42:10. 2010 time: 33:31


New added course feature (double blech): 0.25 mi run with your bike from the dismount line to transition. Steep downhills. 2:18.

3 mile Run. Uphill, downhill, flat, uphill, downhill, flat. 2009 time: 25:49. 2010 time: 25:12. With that extra 1/2 mile of running with my bike weighing on my legs, I’ll take it.



Done. Really really really done. Total time 7.5 minutes faster than last year, even with that extra 1/2 mile of hill running thrown in.


After cheering Jenn in to her finish…*


*I may or may not only be posting this picture because it makes my butt look small.

we were happy to be done with our “evening” sprint and go home!


Super duper huge gigantic thanks to my wonderful amazing fantastic rockstar husband for driving me to and from the race, taking pictures and generally being awesome.


jennabul said...

GREAT JOB today!!! So excited about your swim...lots of fun, but yeah, not doing it again unless they change the course in terms of running up hill out of transition etc....Thanks again for all your help and support, I really appreciated it, even if I didn't talk much (I don't talk when I am nervous...=>).

Maggs said...

Congrats! Knocking 7 minutes off a sprint tri isn't easy.

Jennifer Harrison said...

CONGRATS LMM! 7.5 minutes faster, oh my gosh!!!
And, yes, Jenn did awesome! :) Thanks for your help /support with her too!!

Liz Waterstraat said...

AWESOME! LOVE the PRs :) All that hard work this winter is paying off, Pippi!

TriGirl Kate O said...

Hooray! First tri of the year in the bag. Way to go!!!

Clarese said...

Congratulations, Molly! You rock.

Elayne said...

Congrats on the faster finish!

And I agree, 4:30 p.m. is WAY too late to be starting a race.

cheryl said...

great job Molly!

Meredith said...

Awesome Molly, just awesome! All of your hard work and training is paying off with all of these PR's even with extra course in there!

Maria said...

Congrats on that awesome time change! It's harder to take time off a shorter race! What a great season opener!! Congrats to your buddy as well, finishing the first is a big accomplishment!

Sherry said...

Way to go, Molly! Seven minutes is HUGE and a PR is a PR... the fact that the course was more challenging makes it all the more sweet!

I'm familiar with those looong, oddball transitions. We have a lot of those here as well. The longest one I've ever done was 1/2 mile run over beach sugar sand and through a lagoon! Ha! Insane crap!

I'm really looking forward to enjoying your season with you! I think it's going to be exciting... and FAST!!!

Melissa said...

Great job and big improvements from last year Molly!

San said...

Wohoo on the speed gain and showing this course whose the boss. Well done.

Beth said...

Congrats Molly! HUGE PR in such a short race - amazing!! Hope the feet get to feeling better today. I always end up with sore feet after races too. :)

Runner Leana said...

Wow, Molly, you really did show that course! What HUGE improvements! You must be ecstatic. Nicely done.

But why on earth would they include a 0.25 mile run between transition and the mount/dismount? That sounds just plain mean!!

Wes said...

I can't get over these outdoor swims in tris already! Brrrrrrr!! I chuckled each time I read the digits. That is just AWESOME!!! and don't we look HAWT in the new(?) red tri suit? :-)


Kris said...

Nice job on the PRs! Hope your feet are feeling better...mine are still pretty sore.

I think I saw you and Jenn driving away after the race!

Rainmaker said...

Holy cow, you dominated your times from last year. Like, picked them up, threw them off a cliff, then ran down the cliff, found them and then beat them some more.

Nicely done!

ShirleyPerly said...

HUGE improvements all around, Molly -- CONGRATS!!!