Saturday, August 21, 2010

Is it bedtime yet?

Another big training day tomorrow so I shouldn’t be awake at this point but…

I saw dolphins on our open water swim today! That was a first…when we arrived a bunch of them were frolicking right near the shore, and a group of sea lions were swimming around as well.  They had wandered away by the time we started swimming out though.


Two and a half loops of the Cowell’s Beach swim buoys looks something like this.


Finally, a completely awesome poster made by my ride buddy for tomorrow, Chris, for our memorial ride.  She is ridiculously talented!



Melissa said...

I don't know Molly, those look like shark fins to me ;-)

That's a great poster. I hope the planning and registration is going well for the ride.

The Original MAJ said...

Yay For dolphins! I love the poster too.

Jennifer said...

Have a great ride! I have never swam with dolphins but I have had them visit me when I am sea kayaking, they are very impressive!

Wes said...

LOL... was wonderin what that fin was attached to! me lurves the poster too!