Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Moments in Time

Lindsay started this last week with a post about random meaningful moments caught with the cellphone camera.  I have only had my phone for a little over a month but I managed to dig up some pictures to share :-)


Probably the first photo I took with the iPhone – Jeff at lunch at Britannia Arms on a summer day


Our view most of our days in Cabo.  Hard to believe it’s been over a month since we were there – where did July go?


My sweet Max and his beloved soccer ball.  He likes to fetch but is extra-obsessive about fetching soccer balls.


Bike riding in Northern California – it kinda all looks like this year round!


Wet dogs in jail – they were not pleased with this option.


San Jose Giants game last week.  I love our little local stadium and the small-town feel.  The cheap tickets and food help too :)


Wet Stanley.  They look like drowned rats at bathtime.


Dry Stanley.  I can smell the clean coat from here!


Jennifer said...

The feet on the beach and the wet doggie are my favorites!

Kim said...

love the photo montage! ill be thinking of you...heading to san fran and napa next month!

GoBigGreen said...

ha Jeff looks like he stole something:)

Unknown said...

Cute cute pictures!!!

Caratunk Girl said...

I LOVE the feet on the beach! Actually, the picture of Jeff is hilarious to me for some reason.

And of course, because I am a dog LOVER, the dog pictures are my FAVORITES... I want to stick my face in that clean coat of Stanleys.

Wes said...

Max and I were separated at birth, as I too love to fetch soccer balls :-)