Friday, August 26, 2011

A Raging Case of Randomitis

Another round of playing catchup via bullet points.

  • While I was training my ass off last weekend, Stanley was kicking ass at the dog show in Reno.  I’m hoping to have some video to share with the photos I was sent but it hasn’t come yet.
  • In any event, he went Best Opposite on Saturday and then went Best of Breed on Sunday!  He came home with 7 more points towards his Grand Championship, including a 5-point major.
  • My swim race last Sunday was just a C race, so I felt no shame in deciding last minute to drop down to the shorter distance and only do a 1-mile swim/3-mile run.  This decision was validated when my arms felt like lead 5 minutes into the swim and I did nearly all of the mile alone in no-man’s land.  At this stage of the game, I know better than to kill myself for what is simply a training day.
  • As I posted on Facebook today, it’s nice to know my life/training is at a point where the solution to just about any problem more.  Wake up feeling like ass? Eat until it goes away.  Legs hurt? Eat more.  Brain fuzzy?  Eat more.
  • The only time this has backfired on me was yesterday when I was hit with what I can only assume was a quick burst of food poisoning.  The only explanation I can come up with is that I made a mistake when handling the dogs’ raw food.  Let’s just say I suffered for about 4 hours before pharmaceutical intervention succeeded.
  • Thankfully I was able to pull my shit together (um, literally) in time for my afternoon massage where I let someone new pound the hell out of my legs (my massage therapist of the last 3 years has gone off to nursing school *sob*).  New girl wasn’t bad, at least pretended to laugh at all my jokes, and found all my problem areas with ease.
  • Training is going remarkably well!  I had a FANTASTIC long run yesterday morning, over 15 miles, where my legs still felt pretty fresh at the end.  Thank you, compression socks and Recovery e21.  I may have been won over into the camp of wearing the socks on my long runs.  I guess that means I should wear them racing too?  Hmmmmm.
  • This week will match my 2nd or 3rd heaviest training week ever, back from the couple biggest weeks I did training for IM AZ in 2009.  It’s awfully funny to be headed into the weekend having put some solid efforts in and still have 9 hours of training to go.  Then, I can rest…a little recovery time to let all this training sink in and taper for Big Kahuna!
  • It’s amazing to be just heading into my biggest part of the year as the season is over or nearly over for others.  Somehow it’s already time to think about next year!  There are races to sign up for and since things sell out fast, you’ve got to get on them quickly.  My calendar is marked for a few items next week :-)


Jennifer Harrison said...

I was just thinking about that today - EVERYONE here in the Midwest is DONE on 9/11 after Ironman WI...and I am just starting to ramp up. Pray for good weather this fall here - could get ugly! LOL

Compression socks! I love them in the winter and wear them running in the winter too - TOO hot for me in the summer, but I do like them!

have a great weekend of training!

mtanner said...

Hmmm.. I bet I know which one is circled on your calendar! Awesome job putting it together day in and day out. Come November 20- Watch out its the Attack of Molly!

Meredith said...

Thank you for the laughs! Glad you were able to "literally" pull your shit together. Hmm, compression socks you are going to need to find some to color coordinate with your E21 gear, I can't wait to see how you pull all this off still looking cute and being functional, because you always do. I hope you are considering being a DIVA for next year :)

Barb said...

I think during Ironman training you can only be expected to post in bullet points, it is just so much more efficient. Love the solve everything by eating more theory!!

Bar said...

Hey Molly. I was just wondering which race you're running for?

And the compression socks work wonders...been meaning to get a good pair myself!

Also, have you heard of GOTRIbal? It's a bunch of women who love endurance sports...they have a retreat coming up in Florida that I think you might enjoy. Check it out on their website:

heather said...

I spent last week compensating for fuzzy brain by eating more too. Unfortunately, I wasn't doing any exercise...

Good job Stanley!!