Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cruise to Run - Day 4

Thursday was one of the most wonderful days on the cruise.  We again skipped the group run and went on an all day excursion exploring the natural beauty of the island of Dominica.  This little volcanic island has some serious vertical scenery and amazing features.
 We snorkeled on the Champagne Reef (so named because it sits on the edge of some volcanic activity and the water bubbles from underneath you), visited the Emerald Pool, lunched at a beautiful research center in the mountains, and then visited Titou Gorge and Trafalgar Falls before returning to the ship.

 Those are several old cannons underneath Jeff!

 As our guide explained it, this is Dominica's erection tree.  With a ratio of 7 women to every man on the island, the men need to keep up their, ahem, energy, and so they boil the bark of this tree as a natural form of Viagra.

I'm pretty sure we were in bed by 8pm that night.  It was a long day!!!


Wes said...

That's good to know about Dominica. I guess if I go there I should take care not to get molested :-)

Jessica said...

Great pics. Especially the ones of Jeff in an ASU shirt!