Wednesday, February 22, 2012


My private swim lessons are going...well, swimmingly!  I end every Wednesday night session feeling a little more confident about the improvement that will come in my swim this year.

Tim has all sorts of fun swim toys that I use to work on things.
 We're working all the strokes too

 Thanks to my mom for surprising me last week and stopping by our lesson to take photos!


San said...

Great pictures, your Mom is awesome. I'm glad your lessons are improving your abilities and are obviously fun. This cap of yours is hilarious, love it.

Swimming lessons oh yes, thanks for the reminder. A friend of mine promised to teach me freestyle, we haven't made it to a pool so far.

Have a great day

ADC said...

Cool photos. Love your swim hat :))

Wes said...

I need dual snorkels. and a pair of fuzzy dice.

Christi said...

What great pictures! You look like a great swimmer.

Meera said...

I think that swim cap makes you stronger :)

Jennifer Harrison said...

Oh excellent - swim lessons are such a great investment for most! AWESOME!

Unknown said...

The biggest thing I notice about your pictures is the fact that you get to swim in an outdoor pool. (Must squash the jealousy!)

Great pictures!