Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunshine and Hills

I took virtually no photos on my long ride yesterday.  I was too busy trying to keep my power super steady (per Coach's instructions) while following Jeff and George up Gilroy Hot Springs.
All I managed was this one near the top but it pretty much exemplifies the whole ride.  The sun is shining and everything is GREEN!
Today I sandwiched my workouts around a long outing for the dogs.  4 miles of running around off-leash on the Alameda Creek Trail!

 It's all fun and games until someone lies down in a mud puddle.

 Thankfully they all clean up OK!

I finished up week two of this big training block this afternoon and I'm not dead yet, so bring on week three!  2 weeks till the first triathlon of the year.  And another race 2 weeks after that, and another 2 weeks after THAT!  I guess that means the 2012 season is getting real!


elizabeth said...

I swear, looking at Puck in that last picture makes me think Cody has some St. Bernard in him! Too bad, I know he doesnt'... although his feet are HUMONGOUS! :) Your pic from riding looks beautiful!!

Maggs said...

it's so funny how puck still looks like puppy in some ways. he's so cute. looks like he was averse to the mud puddle.

Meera said...

I think washing your furry boys should count as an exercise too! The puddle picture made me feel bad for you :)

heather said...

I took Freckles to a big dog park with a pond and a beach. Looking at all the wet dogs rolling in sand made me glad that she is totally anti-water.

GoBigGreen said...

HAHA I m glad that our Golden isnt the only one who likes to bathe in mud. They are getting SPA treatments we pay lotsa $$ for.
Yay for spring racing.

Christi said...

The view during your ride was gorgeous! I love how green it is! We have not gotten our "green" weather yet. I hope we get some rain so we can1

Alili said...

Sounds like 2 great workouts! 3 if you count the baths. :)