Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Confession Time...

I will post more about the process of what I've been doing since July tomorrow but for now I'll just share the same announcement I made on Facebook yesterday.

I've been working on a little something for nearly 8 months and now that it's officially official in my mailbox this morning, I can come clean!

This summer the beardies and I are moving, as I will be starting work on my MS/PhD in Integrative Physiology at the University of Colorado Boulder. Jeff and Puck will stay behind to close things up in San Jose and join us around springtime.

We are all very excited!


Beth said...


Jennifer Harrison said...

EXCITED for you!
Didn't want to come back to Chicago, I see for your continuing education, eh? HA HA. Smart girl.

GOOD LUCK! It will be fun to keep up with your schooling.

Runner Leana said...

Molly, that is so exciting, congratulations! It sounds like a really exciting path for you to be on. Hmm, that makes the college scouting trip very interesting in hindsight! Can't wait to hear about your adventures in Boulder.

Betsy said...

Welcome to Colorado and the People's Republic of Boulder! Home of smart people and faaaaast triathletes. Wait, was the Craig Alexander that just ran by? Yup!