Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dog Days of Summer

Lest anyone think the dogs aren't experiencing fun and excitement while I am unemployed, they've been as busy as I have!

A few weeks ago we met up with our best beardie friends for one last trip to the beach.  No beaches in Colorado but I'm hoping the endless hiking in the mountains makes up for it :)

Six beardies and a wannabe

Look out, Jeff!
Beatrix, Maude, Stanley, Max, Beckham, and Loki, with Puck behind

I took Max in to the vet last week to get a little wart on his lip checked out and they did a full exam while he was in anyway…he says "prostate exams suck but the cookies here are good!"

This past week was like the California farewell tour…I had lunch with a different friend every day and drove all over to see people!  On Wednesday, we visited Beth, who has Stanley's sister and mother (who is also Max's half sister) and her new puppy Hazel (who was the little brown girl puppy from our visit in April).  The dogs had a great time running around with their buddies and Hazel and I played chase!

Hazel thought Uncle Max was pretty awesome

From oldest to youngest - Max (11yo), Maude (10yo), Stanley (6yo), Beatrix (6yo) and Hazel (3mo)

Thanks to Beth for insisting on a photo of us all together.  We are going to miss her!!!


Kristina said...

What great dog photos! Good luck with the move and all that comes with it.

Betsy said...

That is just way too much cuteness for one post! There are no doggie beaches (I wish!!!) in Colorado but the mountains are great. And Chatfield Res does have a dog park with lakes in it just for the doggies.

Happy moving!