Friday, June 20, 2008

Quiet week

Not a lot of posts here in the last week. It's been a busy work week and a slower training week - my lighter week in the 4-week block. I'm now down to about 4 weeks until Vineman and the intensity of training picks up next week big-time with my longest swim, ride and run.

Tomorrow is exciting though - Saturday we are doing Tri for Fun, a small local sprint triathlon. For me, this will be a chance to do a check of everything I'm using at Vineman in a race setting - aerobars, nutrition, hydration, etc. For my father, it's a rematch with a course he did last year and hopes to improve upon this year, especially the run. For my husband Jeff and our friend Nigel, it is their first triathlon!

Jeff took this especially seriously by beginning his triathlon swim training on Tuesday. Yes, this past Tuesday, 4 days before the event. Lucky for him, he floats well and it's only a 400 yard swim.

So, my goals for the day:
* Get another open water swim in, push hard early to stay with the pack, and try drafting if I can find someone of the same pace
* Average > 19 mph on the bike
* Complete the 5K run in under 27 minutes
* Beat Jeff!

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LadyPatsFan said...

Good luck to both of you tomorrow! I hope you and your dad make your goals!