Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tri for Fun - DONE!

Hey, guess what? It's hot in Pleasanton! Good thing we started early, it was really warm by the end. Today was Tri for Fun, a great race series with a course I really like. 400 yd swim, 11 mile bike, 3.1 mile run.

Jeff and Nigel were doing their first triathlon, my dad wanted to improve his time over last year when we did this one, and I wanted to use this as a test of everything for Vineman (and improve my time over last year. And preferably beat Jeff).

We started in the very last wave so that we could all begin together and go from there.

My results for the day:

* Great swim, able to follow feet the whole way and not come up to sight much. My dad and I walked out of the water together. 9:34.

* Bike: 19.1 mph. I was able to use my aerobars a lot, even when passing people. I saw all of my guys and when I knew I was ahead of the whole gang just pushed the pace hard.

* Run: 27:05

* Finish time: 1:12:05 (I was hoping for under 1:15)! 11.5 minutes better than I did on this course last year.

Most importantly my gear held up and I felt good!

The final times for the guys:

Jeff: 1:21:01
Nigel: 1:22:02
Dad: 1:33:40 (a 12 minute improvement over last year!)

I'm so proud of the guys, they all did great. The two doing their first really did well! Nigel is definitely planning on doing more. I'm trying to encourage Jeff to work on his swim and do the August Tri for Fun...we'll see. And my dad improved over last year and got a good reminder that he actually needs to RUN in training if he expects to race (the last time he ran before today was May 18th at the Uvas race).

Time to rest for a big training day tomorrow.


I'm Gabby said...

Mom wants to know how you ran in that heat wave!!! She could barely run in agility for 50 seconds without passing out!! we bow down to you!

Molly said...

Haha! I'm training for a REALLY hot race that is just weeks away so I'm trying to get all the exposure I can!