Sunday, June 22, 2008

Week 8 - Finished!

This was a "rest" it's time to ramp back up again for more heavy training.

Swim: 3250 yds (would have been better if my pool hadn't been closed all week)
Bike: 79.2 miles (would have been more if the whole south end of the valley weren't on fire - I had to dramatically alter my planned bike route this morning due to heavy smoke and flames)
Run: 13.9 miles

My next week looks like this:
Monday: Rest, oh blessed rest
Tuesday: Swim 2100yd, Bike 1:30
Wednesday: Run 0:50
Thursday: Swim 3000yd, Bike 1:30
Friday: Run 0:50
Saturday: Brick- Bike 4:00 Run 0:30
Sunday: Run 2:00, Swim 2000yd

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