Saturday, June 14, 2008

Vineman Bike Course - Long Ride Today

Today I finally went up and rode (most of) the course for Vineman. It's not a loop course so if I'd wanted to do the entire thing, I've have needed to add on another 15 miles at the end to get back to my car....not so interested in that, so I opted to start/finish at the same place and just bike 7 miles over to link up about 8 miles into the course.

The day started out foggy and slowly warmed up - I'm hoping race day is just like this. I won't need to drink as much early on the bike if it's that cool and foggy.

When they say it's full of rollers, they aren't kidding. Most were little but it never ended.

That said, it was a nice ride and I'd do it again just as a fun ride because it's so pretty and has great stuff to stop at along the way and none of the hills are so bad as to make me swear off biking. The one big hill - Chalk Hill - just hurts because it comes 45 miles into the ride but it's not THAT bad.

As far as target timing for the race, we'll just say I'm cautiously optimistic, but may take it slower in the real thing because I still have to run a half-marathon after that.

Speaking of which...I drove the run course. Holy hilly shit! Somehow someone failed to mention the non-flat nature of the run course and the degree to which it is NOT FLAT. I guess I know now why the plan has had me running hill repeats every week.

2 hour run plus a swim tomorrow so I have to hydrate and carbo-load all over again.

Westside Road (near Guerneville)

Vineyards galore

Canyon Rd at Hwy 128

Russian River

More Hwy 128

The Jimtown Store - best bathroom break spot ever


And a treat for reading this reward after the ride - Stanley's little brothers and sisters with gorgeous mom Maude

and the Goofball Twins - Stan and Bea

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