Friday, July 18, 2008

We've Landed*

*Shout-out to Andra Sue who can't be here this weekend.

4 hours of traffic later and we're at the cottage. Who shuts down two lanes on I-880 on a Friday???

I think it's time to go run the INSANE dogs at the river so that we can have some peace and quiet.

And we're back from the river...

Let's go swim!

Sweet Max

Stan loves to swim and fetch sticks

Cornered by stick stealers

I'm not giving up my stick


Anonymous said...

Best of luck from Lisa and Jibe!

Satarupa said...

best of luck for Vineman!! I bet you are going to do fabulously at Vineman!

and I am going to try to use the pups in the river pics as inspiration for my swimming!

Anonymous said...

maybe if you visualize a stick at the end of your run (sans cujo and max) you will swim faster?!! :) have an AMAZINGLY FUN weekend, don't forget to celebrate how far you have come and how elite you already are just for crossing the start line :)

i will have my pom poms out!!!

SWTrigal said...

Oh hello!We got stuck in that jam as well. Just when you thought you were through the bad traffic! Today's trip was an endurance event in itself! Hope to see you here..