Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Max!

Yes, my boys have birthdays only 1 week apart.  It makes it very easy to remember (though somewhat difficult to get right when I’m filling out trial entry paperwork).

Today Max turns 7 years old.  Wow.  I don’t think there are enough ways to say that time has flown by too quickly for my taste in this case.  It seems just last week that he was an obnoxious adolescent and a cute little puppy before that.  I would venture to say that Max and I have grown up together, having begun our partnership when I was the ripe old age of 25.  We’ve faced new challenges together for years now – not surprisingly after this much time, we can read each other’s minds and need very little conversation in order to understand each other.

The first picture I ever saw of him


6 Months Old


1 Year Old

DSCF0015 2 Years Old


3 Years Old

2005_Mar11 051

3.5 Years Old – too sweet

2005_Oct08 035

First Major


4 Years Old – New Champion, RN and Versatility Excellent (VX)

2006_Mar06 001

5 Years Old (wearing his Bears colors for Superbowl that year)

2007_Feb04 010

New big brother

2007_Apr21 046

Wedding dog

2007_Wedding 062

5.5 Years Old - competing at USDAA Nationals


6 Years Old

2008_Feb28 003

Finally MACH!


First Haircut

2008_Mar20 003

7 Years Old

2009_Mar6 014

Ever the ornery old man, Max likes what he likes and will not be convinced that you can offer anything more exciting than agility.  If it's not time to work or go somewhere, he'd rather curl up in his own corner and be left alone thankyouverymuch than be bothered to snuggle you.  He finds it distasteful that Stanley is so unbiased in his affections and prefers instead to share his wags and kisses with only a select few.  Brilliant, discriminating, LOUD, ready to go at a moment’s notice – that’s Max.  My true love!

Happy birthday to my best boy!


Sherry said...

Awwwww.... happy birthday, Max!

Molly, you keep your Beardies looking so beautiful! Even in the photos, you can really see how nicely their coats move with them. Kudos to you girl!

If I ever get out to CA, I would LOVE to meet your gorgeous furballs!

LittleRachet said...

Awww! I love your pups! My boys have birthdays that are less than a week apart too. Weird!

Happy Birthday Max!

Missy said...

Oh, sweet boy and I love the wedding dawgs....that is just perrrfect.

TriGirl Kate O said...

What a wonderful friend and companion! Sophie would be amazing at agility, but lacks an attention span of more than 20 seconds... Can't wait to see you.

Jen said...

Awwww! So Sweet! Uh. Love it!
Do your dogs get stinky easily in the summer with all that hair? I have never had a long hair dog and I'm curious.
Happy Birthday Max!!

Trishie said...

he is a beautiful beautiful dog. and I also love the wedding picture . happy birthday max !

Jennifer Harrison said...

Oh VERY sweet, Molly! And, this is from a NON-dog person! I loved the pics of Max. Happy bday to him!! :)

Stef0115 said...

These are some of the best pics I have ever seen! Bar none.


Larissa said...

Sweet Boy Happy Birthday!!!!

lynn yarmey said...

happy birthday max!! sure, stanley has that crazy coat and i suppose his youth, but YOU have always been the favorite!! :) i am tellin ya, if you ever feel like 'retiring' in a nice, warm place where we know how to do exactly what our dogs tell us... you give me a call!! :)