Sunday, March 15, 2009

Week. End.

I wrapped up my rest week today with a bike/run brick.  Jeff and I rode out to/on the Beeline Highway (part of IMAZ ride).  It was exciting to finally get on part of the course with my bike!  We waited until nearly noon so it was warm out but also windier. 

2009_Mar15 003

Melissa will be proud that my fashion did not clash with my bike.

2009_Mar15 007

Looking at this picture I am reminded that my aero positioning is not particularly aggressive.  But it is comfortable.  Being as short as I am, I can’t raise the seat any without losing the bottom of my pedalstroke.  Perhaps at some point I will lower my handlebars – we will see – as I said, it’s quite comfortable as it is.

Afterwards, I did my run on the Scottsdale Greenbelt.  All in all, it was a great workout day and a positive way to end the week!

Training totals for week 12 (March 9-15):
Swim: 5300 yards
Bike: 32.6 miles
Run: 9.4 miles
Strength: 0.75 hours
Total time: ~7 hours


melissa said...

two thumbs up on your color coordination. i'm sorry, but with a bike that sexy you have to be well dressed. ;-)

Dances with Corgis said...

Out of curiosity, what size bike frame are you on?

Molly said...

It's a 48 - smallest size they made.

ShirleyPerly said...

I think comfort is the most important thing when riding long. I have a 49" frame and have the same problem with losing my pedal stroke if I try to raise it any higher (my aerobars are as far down as they go).

Bob Mitera said...

Hi Molly - How does your reach into the aerobars feel? Looks a little stretched out. Have you had a fit?

The reason I bring it up is I was in a similar position. Ask your coach for some guidance on who to have take a peak at your fit. You'll need the power for Ironman.