Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend In Review

Yes, I still managed to cram this in before the weekend was over!

On Friday night, I went with Jenn to my first bikram yoga class. The room is heated at around 100 degrees and you sweat like crazy. It felt FANTASTIC for my sore and tired muscles. I wore one of my new lululemon tops for the occasion.

Saturday morning started off with a bang as one of Max’s (benign) tail cysts burst and I rushed him to the vet to get it cleaned up. A little shaving, a little draining, some bandaging, and a round of antibiotics and we were good to go.

Then I was off to downtown Los Gatos for a run with hill repeats. I found myself a nice steep hill and was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t completely dying after a few rounds up and down. The rest of the day was a whirlwind of activity – shopping, dog training, hockey game, etc.

We launched Sunday bright and early with the long ride of the week. My dad, his coworker Sasha, Nigel, Jenn and her husband David joined me for a nice hilly route from Almaden to Morgan Hill and back.

Less than 1 mile into the ride, my dad got a flat tire. Notice he packs rubber gloves just for the occasion.

2009_Mar29 001

Eventually though we were off on our way, beginning with half of the San Jose International Triathlon route. It was the first time I’d climbed the Bailey hill and I was pleasantly surprised how good it felt. From Calero Reservoir, we continued south and looped into the Uvas Triathlon route.

The exciting thing to see was Uvas Reservoir has its water back! If you’ll recall, our last visit nearly 2 months ago found it bone dry – not a good sign for May’s race. Today it looked lovely – made me want to dive in and swim!

2009_Mar29 004

Dad at the top of the “Buffalo” hill

2009_Mar29 003

David and Sasha at Uvas

2009_Mar29 007

Jenn is happy I took a picture of her without food in her mouth

2009_Mar29 008

Unfortunately heading back north from Uvas meant one thing: HEADWINDS. Thankfully everyone (meaning *me*) put on their big girl pants and took on the wind knowing it would make them stronger. Or something like that.

Nigel on the return trip over the Buffalo, thankful that we’re only 12 miles from the end

2009_Mar29 010

With 1 mile left in the ride, my father got another flat tire – he found a screw that went through both his tire and tube. How frustrating to have to change a flat so close to the end.

Jeff did not join us to ride today because his hockey team had a playoff game and he wanted to be in form. He joined us for lunch after the ride and then we headed off to his game. Go Ice Pirates! There were some ups and downs but they won the game quite handily and move on to the next round of playoffs. And I even managed to not smack a delusional fan in the stands who was being a sore loser. Trust me, it was an accomplishment today.

Tonight Melissa and I went to a free yoga class at the local lululemon store. I would guess that this class was closest to a flow yoga class. More downward dogs than I ever want to do again in my life, but it was good for me. Melissa completely rocked it and I’m jealous of her flexibility.

Tomorrow I have a rest day in training and I’m planning on another bikram class to stretch out my sore muscles. I’m taking on more yoga where I can going forward, as my massage therapist suggested it to work on some of my especially tight areas (in addition to making friends with the foam roller and quadballer). If I’m lucky, maybe this will mean I cry less when she sticks her elbow in my glutes?

Training totals for week 14 (March 23-29):
Swim: 4300 yards
Bike: 76.7 miles
Run: 15.4 miles
Strength: ~0.25 hour
Total time: ~10 hours

(plus 2.5 hrs of yoga)


Missy said...

Poor pops, that sucks! Very frustrating. Sounds like training is going well. I could never hang in HOT Yoga, ugh.

ADC said...

Ha ha, I also have rubber gloves in my pocket just in case of any flats :))

SWTrigal said...

You are slowly motivating me to try Bikrams again!

ShirleyPerly said...

Love seeing that water back in the reservoir!

And bummer about those flats :-( But I still think it's really cool that your dad rides too.