Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Swim. Bike. Run?

On Monday morning I swam in my favorite pool – the El Dorado pool run by the city of Scottsdale.  It is clean, beautiful, open long hours, cheap, and always has lane space.

I am somewhere in this picture, I swear.

2009_Mar16 002

Life as a pool gutter is BORING.

This is how nice the pool is – this photo was taken underwater – look how clear it is!

2009_Mar16 007

After my gazillion-yard swim, I spent the day at another favorite place – the Willow Stream spa at the Fairmont Scottsdale.  A total indulgence when I can afford it, this place is all about pampering.

Today it was time for our epic ride!  We’ve always done somewhat boring routes when riding long in Arizona so I was excited to get out and enjoy the desert with some distance and hills!  It was a BEAUTIFUL day of wildflowers, green hills, and cacti!  There was also quite a lot of headwind – my eyes are still bloodshot hours later!

On the Beeline Highway (part of IM AZ course)

2009_Mar17 003

2009_Mar17 007

Jeff had to take a work call after we passed Shea

2009_Mar17 011

Climb, climb, climb

2009_Mar17 014

A little downhill on Bush Highway before more climbing

2009_Mar17 023

The hills around us looked so green!

2009_Mar17 027

Saguaro Lake (and cactus gives you the finger)

2009_Mar17 030

On the return trip, Jeff was not up for any delays (he was having a bit of a rough day).  The road closed due to flooding sign did nothing to dissuade him from crossing the Salt River on McKellips.

2009_Mar17 031

My brick run off the bike was not a stellar one.  I had to cut it short due to an upset stomach.  But I learned one more nutritional product that will not work for me, so it’s a success in its own way.

Now that we’ve recovered a bit, we’re headed across the valley for a hockey game.  Happy St Patrick’s Day, everyone!


Michelle Simmons said...

Oh I totAlly know and LOVE that ride out to Saguaro Lake!! Incredible scenery once you turn off the main hwy...

Diamond Girl said...

I can't believe you rode all the way to Saguaro. You're amazing!!

I figured you'd be at the Sharks game tonight. I've started to care less and less about my Coyotes (wow, they've been terrible since the All-Star break) so I was almost rooting for San Jose to win so that you'd be happy. Almost. I'm sorry Doan ruined your party.

TriGirl Kate O said...

I love that pic of you underwater. Aren't our cameras the best?! Sounds like a couple of perfect days in heaven. When do you head home?

Iron Jayhawk said...

That shoulder is ridiculously, awesomely huge!

I'm definitely jealous with the outdoor pool you get to train in!

rr said...

You are a teensy little thing aren't you?! LOL. I love the pictures, what a lovely trip!

Dances with Corgis said...

What a solid day. What kind of camera do you use to take the underwater pics?

Impressive showing- you deserved the spa :)

Jen said...

What kind of camera do you have? Is it an Olympus? Do you love it?

Rainmaker said...

Wow, that looks like some incredible riding territory. Awesome!

Sherry said...

Those pictures are gorgeous, Molly! What a beauty of a ride... and that Olympus captures it very nicely. It's definitely on my 'Sanata' list for this year. ;p