Thursday, March 12, 2009

Road Trip

After a quick swim at masters, the beardie boys and I hit the road this morning, headed off on our annual Arizona spring training trip.  Jeff has been coming down for years to watch baseball spring training games and enjoy Scottsdale in the spring.  I’m hoping to combine baseball and fun with some serious triathlon training, including a ride on part of the IM AZ bike course next week.

A few random photos from the scenery along the way today…

Sun rising over San Luis Reservoir in the central valley of CA

2009_Mar12 001

The big mountain we see every time we approach Palm Springs

2009_Mar12 003

Climbing out of Indio headed into high desert

2009_Mar12 005

2009_Mar12 008

The General Patton Memorial Museum at the Chiriaco Summit

2009_Mar12 011

2009_Mar12 012

2009_Mar12 013

Tomorrow starts off with a nice easy bike ride where I plan to enjoy the scenery around town.  Then I’m jumping in the car (again) and hopping down for my first visit to Tucson to have dinner with Kate and Marit who are at their training camp with Jen!


D said...

Take me with you! Oh, and my girls want to come too. They are very well behaved - might be afraid of the pups though... they are about 1000 times their size haha.

Missy said...

Damn it all to hell, I want to go to camp! Camp is the best part. I need s'mores, though, only coming for s'mores.

Heather Gollnick said...

Hey Molly,

Your dogs are soooo cute !! Great pictures, my husband would be jealous of the Spring Training Fun !! Stay in touch and keep following your dreads !!

Rainmaker said...

Very nice - spring training trip! I've always wanted to do that at some point. And I never even considered the ability to get in some incredible rides too. Lucky you!

Diamond Girl said...

We just drove the exact opposite drive into LA while you were driving to Phoenix. Funny. I hope you have fun while you're here in my town!