Sunday, March 8, 2009


*This seems to be a common theme for Sunday afternoons with me!

Today wraps up another week of training and another big build cycle. Next stop: rest week!

Before I go on to report on the days’ activities, a quick review of how I’m feeling about each sport:

Swimming: Optimistic. I set a new 100 yd PR this week and it was nearly 20 seconds faster than my average pace time in January’s swim test. I feel like if I just keep at it, spending lots of quality time in the pool, I will reach my goals.

Biking: Tired. (see below) Realistically though, my biking has come a long way over last year and I’m able to sustain a faster pace with less work than I previously could.

Running: Always a happy place for me. I ran a little over 10 miles on Friday morning and felt FANTASTIC throughout with an especially strong finish. It’s good to know my body can bounce right back after those light months of running post-Vegas.

Thankfully today’s adventure did NOT involve mass quantities of water pouring from the sky. It was a crisp 42 degrees when we set out at 8:30am (what had been 7:30 am just a day before) and a sunny 67 degrees when we finished up.

Nigel, George, my dad, Chris and I rode past Crystal Springs reservoir this time and returned on a hillier route via Portola Valley. (For the non-local readers, this means we rode throughout the mountains/hills that run down the Pacific coast and were in the gorgeous space that is the Peninsula south of San Francisco). Jeff joined the group at the top of Woodside and rode ridgetop stretch with us.

Rest stop in downtown Woodside (very cute, very wealthy small town)


2009_Mar8 001


2009_Mar8 002


2009_Mar8 003

Typical scenery on the more open ridge above Woodside

2009_Mar8 005

If only I’d known how much my legs would hurt later!

2009_Mar8 008

Nigel, Chris and my dad (apparently Nigel knew how much we’d hurt later!)

2009_Mar8 011

Jeff did some video filming again – here are a few clips

After we cruised back in from our ~54 mile ride, it was off on foot for a 30-minute run (and I dragged Nigel and my dad out to do the best pace they could as well). My legs were NOT amused at being treated this way, though they laid out a speedy pace it was HARD to get the run done. But another week is over and those miles go into the bank of my legs to build up my strength!

Training totals for week 11 (March 2-8):
Swim: 5450 yards
Bike: 74.4 miles
Run: 19.6 miles
Strength: 1.5 hours
Total time: ~12.5 hours

And by the way? Compression socks look totally hot with a negligee and fluffy pink slippers.

My husband said so.

OK, so maybe he didn't say so. I'm sure he was thinking it though.


beardies3 said...

Well done! Focused and on track!

Stef0115 said...


Sherry said...

Another awesome week, Molly! Yay!

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Great job training! Now, after all the fashion statements everyone has made with the compression socks I feel the need to buy some - do they work for you?

pitbullgurl said...

So you're liking the compression socks? I think they're great. Good job on a tough week! Oh and I'm stealing your idea of posting my weekly totals on the blog.

ShirleyPerly said...

20 sec faster 100 swim time is AWESOME!!!

Glad the weather was better this week. And I think it's awesome that your dad is out there training with you too. Way to get it done!