Saturday, May 23, 2009


Random thoughts when my mind has too much time on day 1 of a relaxing holiday weekend…

Is it wrong to test the split function on your new Timex triathlon watch while otherwise occupied with your significant other? (i.e. “OK, your first-contact-to-clothes-off split was X:XX, gotta cut that transition time down! But hey there, your **entry deleted** time was quite impressive!”)

Why DO the dogs feel the need to rub their entire faces on every surface (sofa, bed, my legs) like a napkin after every meal, and in Stanley’s case every time I fix his hair?

When my time comes, how will *I* do my 7-hour Ironman training ride, on a route that best simulates my race course, when IM AZ is primarily flat and I live surrounded by hills and mountains?  I have months to go and this one is already confounding me.

Is a Rocky Road Caramel Apple considered good recovery food?  It’s got carbs AND it’s fruit, so I say it’s on the menu tomorrow after my brick.


If I coordinate with my outfit, is it wrong to show up at a graduation party tomorrow afternoon (post-long-brick-workout) in hot pink compression socks?

Is it feeding time at the barn yet?????


D said...

I'm going to focus on the really important random thought: the Rocky Road Caramel Apple is not only a good recovery food, but now a requirement for post-brick.

Oh and I'll just say, you should definitely wear those socks. AND I want pics!

Kirstin said...

You crack me up!

After 2 days on WW, those apples look really good. I think it is because I am not supposed to have it, but still YUMMM!!!

Trishie said...

1. Hilarious - nope, not wrong to use your new watch for, ahem, other athletic activities.
2. That apple looks perfect for recovery food. YUM!
3. Go ahead, wear those fabulous socks !

Wes said...

Tell Jeff, we will be looking for some improvement on those splits ;-)

Beth said...

Are you serious? Those apples are considered a health food. Eat as many as you can!

Missy said...

I totally am sporting a dress and pink compression sox right now...I don't even give a shiz what people say. Just say it's new fashion.

That is totally recovery food.

My big lipped hounds bugger up the walls and sofas something fierce too.

I don't know how to simulate the ride but riding flat is so different than rollers. I hope you can find a spot:)