Sunday, May 30, 2010

Camp CHICAgo Day 2

We got to sleep in an extra hour – wheee!  The day started off in one of the first indoor pools I’ve ever visited.  You sort of forget that everyone here has to have them or they’d freeze in the winter.  It is sad though to not get to swim outside!


Jen handled our swim workout from the deck while Liz did swim analysis.  It was useful to have both coaches look at me over a year after the last camp and see that I’ve improved!


After the swim and a quick shower, it was 85 degrees and time for a run.  Seriously.



We warmed up on the trail and then did hill repeats on an overpass.  I’m going to go with the sign on this truck as positive running juju for me.


In between, we huddled in the only shade we had.


Upon our return to our starting location, we did run drills in the sun before cooling off with a quick lunch.  At that point, it was 90 degrees and time for strength training!




Things were mostly wrapped up for the day after that.  We dashed to our hotel for a few things we needed and several of us headed on down to our coach’s house for some more hangout time.

An easy bike spin felt great on the legs and the scenery was gorgeous!




Pregnant women shouldn’t look this cute


A shower never felt so good!


Camp is mostly wrapped up at this point and my bike packed for the return trip home.  I’ve got a recovery run in the form of a 5K race tomorrow – I will not be racing it hard as I’ve got races the next 2 weekends, but it will be fun.  And then I get to go home to my boys!

Training totals for May 24-30:
Swim: 9350 yards
Bike: 88.0 miles
Run: 14.4 miles
Strength: 90 minutes
Total time: 13.75 hours


jennabul said...

Thanks for the post. Looks like camp was a success. I am glad they liked your swimming =).

Unknown said...

That looks so fun!! I think it's hysterical that you've never swam in an indoor pool...I swam laps in an outdoor pool for the first time a few weeks ago!!

Runner Leana said...

It sounds like your camp has been great! Awesome! Love all the pictures too.

Maria said...

What a great weekend...glad to see that you had good weather. Training camp sounds like a great thing to look forward to at the beginning of the season!
Hope the 5K went well!

Wes said...

LOL... I remember my lips turning blue swimming in an outside pool in California (San Fran, far side of the bay) in July! Brrrrrr!!!