Friday, May 14, 2010

What a difference a day makes…

Wednesday, I was jetlagged, cranky and my system was completely off (thank you, airport fast food).  I felt sluggish and cranky.  Still not sore from the race but clearly “off.”

Thursday, I woke up after 8+ hours of sleep with a plan for healthy eating all day.  I had to spend the day at the office but I prepared and packed my own food, avoiding the meals served in meetings.  After work, I finally had my post-race sports massage to blast all the junk out of my legs and arms and back and shoulders (when I walked in, she noted that one of my shoulders was a little higher than the other – thanks to hauling luggage through 3 airports!) and so on.  I felt IMMEDIATELY better and slept like a baby last night.

This morning, I had a run with some little pickup intervals to wake my legs up and after a long warmup they felt great and zippy again.  Just in time for a little relay race on Sunday!

Have a great weekend!


GoBigGreen said...

Glad you are back on track! In time for the weekend:)

beardies3 said...

Go Molly! What is your weekend team called. There must be a catchy name with Nigel and Jeff and you on the team! "Molly's Muppets" perhaps?