Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tri Camp Day 1

Our morning started bright and early (especially early for these California girls with our alarm clock going off at 5:45) with an open water swim at Lake in the Hills.


All ready to go!


The water temp was fantastic!  After a loop around the lake, we worked open water drills with Liz.


No one can rock the wetsuit in pregnancy quite like this.


We breakfasted post-swim and then headed out on a long bike ride.  I wound up fitting in well in the medium-speed group and then after we reached Liz’s aid station at 17 miles we broke up into smaller groups as we continued outward into the farm fields.



The ride took on perhaps a less joyous tone after we reached our turnaround at 30 miles and realized we were headed back into a headwind.  There were a few less smiles for this leg of the journey, which was understandable for two reasons: (1) I rode nearly twice the distance of any ride I’ve done since November and (2) while it’s been cool at home, it was over 85 degrees where we were today.  Both are good things for my training and heat acclimation, but not always fun.

When we got back to the lake, it was time for a run off the bike.  You can tell clearly how I felt about this.


But I did it anyway.  And was rewarded with a nice dip in the lake to wash all the dried salt and stink off my body.


There were snacks followed by yoga to stretch everything out.



And finally, after showers and a little rest, DINNER.  I don’t think anyone at the restaurant had ever seen sixteen women hoover so much food so fast.



And now it’s a struggle to stay awake, so sleep will come soon.  Tomorrow we get up and do it all again – pool swim, run, strength training and possibly a bike.  *phew* Better sleep in those compression socks tonight :-)


jennabul said...

Sounds like you had a great training day, even in the wind. At least you weren't out there by yourself =). Congrats and good luck tomorrow!!

Maria said...

Good grief they are keeping you busy! I guess it's good training. Enjoy your sleep while you have it!

Missy said...

Looks like too much fun to me! Love the pregnancy wetsuit.

San said...

looks like tons of fun. Glad you enjoy it. Have nice dreams.