Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happiness is…

…knocking out the last hard bike ride before the race, on a very hilly course in strong afternoon winds, and knowing you are READY.

…freshly groomed clean dogs!


…a Sunday morning open water swim with a good friend in clear water and sunshine! [Thank you, Shadow Cliffs, for NOT being full of algae like Quarry Lakes – I could even see Nigel’s feet up ahead! And fish swimming around!]

…snuggles with Mr Dark and Handsome


…quiet dogs chomping on their bones in the yard – it’s exercise, teeth cleaning and nutrition all in one!


…finally getting to race week!!!

Training totals for April 26-May 2:
Swim: 6780 yards
Bike: 53.0 miles
Run: 14.3 miles
Total time: 8.5 hours

April Totals: Swim 29,448 yds/Bike 198.1 mi/Run 61.4 mi


beardies3 said...

Impressive training totals, Molly. You will rock your race!

The boys all look clean, handsome, and happy.

No wonder you are happy!

Marit C-L said...

Well - if that isn't happiness (chewing on a bone), I don't know what is. :) Hooray for racing!

San said...

Have a good week until the race and then rock the race.

Love Cujo picture.


Maria said...

Yay...race week!!! Hope they have a guide out to you by now.
Alright, another Cujo spotting on your blog...Cujo! Cujo!

Sherry said...

Way to go, Molly! I'm excited for you!

Your 3 dogs... geesh, is it possible to pet them through the computer screen? I just love all of that fluff!

Wes said...

Yay for race week! It was windy here yesterday as well. I'll see you in the TN, provided it hasn't been washed away by the time we get there :-)

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Congrats on getting your training in and being ready to race! Cute puppy photos!

Kim said...

yay yay yay for race week! you are so ready! your pooches are ridiculously adorable.

TriGirl Kate O said...

I'm so glad one of us is ready to race...

Let's make a deal: I'll keep you company on the bike if you push me on the run.

Missy said...

Their hair just cracks my shit up every time! It's better looking than mine for crying out loud.

Runner Leana said...

Yay for race week! The boys are looking very handsome!

Charisa said...

You are VERY ready! And your dogs are just so awesome :)