Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hitting the Road

Tomorrow I start the all-day trek cross-country to Knoxville.  One flight, then another, then a long drive.  I only just learned today that not all of Tennessee is in the same time zone – I had presumed that Knoxville was in the same time zone as Nashville but it is not.  What this means is that I’ll roll into Knoxville starved for dinner and ready to crash!  I’m glad Kate will get there first to check into our room and scout some food options.

I’ll try to blog Saturday if I get some downtime in between the practice swim, checking in, athlete meeting, driving the bike course, and trying to load some calories into my body.  So just in case…

Here is the relevant info for Sunday morning!

Start time: My wave goes off at 8:15 am EST (5:15 am PST).

Athlete Tracking: Available at the Rev3 Tri Website.  It’s supposed to be quite good real-time tracking.  I’ll let you all tell me if it really is.

Goals: A big fat honkin’ PR.  Hopefully when I scope out the course on Saturday, I’ll get a better sense of how feasible this is.  But here are my 2008 Olympic triathlon times to beat, preferably crush:

Swim 45:58/Bike 1:42:23/Run 1:05:26/Total 3:39:56

And with that, I leave you with a few new puppy photos.  18 days old and getting fuzzier by the day!





Melissa said...

Go Molly Go!!! Safe travels and kick some PR butt on Sunday, I know you can do it!

And thanks for more puppy pics :-)

Michelle Simmons said...

Have a great race this weekend! I'm sure you'll crush your old times! :))) It'll be fun to follow online. I've been able to watch some 'practice testing' online the last few months and it's good stuff!

San said...

Good luck to you too. You will rock this race. No stressing about posting. Just concentrate on your race.

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you.

Puppies are sweet as always.

ADC said...

Well good luck. I am sure you will crush it. Now I just need to figure out the time difference between Knoxville and London :(

Wes said...

Safe travels Molly! You have come such a long way. I don't see how those times can stand.

Sherry said...

Molly, that old PR is going DOWN!!!!

Good luck and have boat loads of fun! Say 'hi' to Kate for me too!

Maria said...

Oh Molly, you are soooo going to crush that guess is going to be sub-3 for sure!!

Meredith said...

Go Molly!!!! I know you are going to have a big fat PR!!!