Monday, May 31, 2010

Camp CHICAgo Day 3 – The End

Camp ended today with a not-so-little local race, the Elgin Fox Trot.  A few brave women did the 10 miler while the rest of us did the 5K.  I knew I’d be using this as merely a recovery run – I have races the next 2 weekends and there was no way I’d trash my legs any worse at this point for no reason.

It ended up being VERY hot, sunny and muggy for the race itself.  Not so pleasant for us poor un-acclimated Californians!!!



I ended up running most of it with Kristi – it was good to know someone else had legs feeling about as sparky (NOT!) as mine.


Camp wrapped up not a moment too soon before thunderstorms rolled in and turned into monsoons.  It turned out for the best that Kris dropped me at Midway airport 7 hours before my flight – I caught a 12:25 flight to Oakland (that due to thunderstorms left at 2:30pm) and got in at 5pm.  My original flight ended up delayed to almost 9pm and is expected to arrive in Oakland around midnight!

I’ll try to wrap up the weekend a little more when I’ve gotten some sleep and recovered.  I’m starting to feel the soreness a bit more now but overall it was a wonderful experience and good chance to put in some hard training before my upcoming races!!!!


ADC said...

I am so glad it all went well. Thank you for sharing the photos.

Wes said...

I will camp someday :-) Great reports!!