Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grooming Followup

Just to clarify, while the process began early in the day and was not complete until afternoon, I was NOT grooming all day! (I’d ask to be shot if that were the case!)  I was off running errands, spent 3 hours at a bar watching soccer with my husband, and so on. 

The bath part took less than 30 minutes.  Then nearly two hours later, the blow drying part took less than 30 minutes.  The most intensive part is the brushing out of the coat, whether done in conjunction with a bath or not, and since I’ve been keeping Stanley’s coat in good shape that took less than 1 hour.

And yes, 5 minutes after I was done, Stan was out rolling in the grass and rubbing his face into every bush he could find. 


Maria said...

it still sounds ridiculously intensive! they are obviously well trained dogs to 'let' you do this to them over and over!

Molly said...

Yep, they learn from the time they are puppies. They have to for their breed! Otherwise you end up with dogs who are horribly matted or hate the groomer because their owners won't take the time to teach them. We start them young with cookies on the table and teach them to lie calmly - my dogs doze off and nap now while I work on them. Neither one really loves the blow dryer but they also know that they just have to stand there and deal with it.

Charisa said...

You so make me smile :)