Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mermaid Sprint Triathlon

I haven’t done a Mermaid triathlon since my first year doing tris, 2007. Let’s revisit that fine day before we talk about what happened today….

Oh, there’s Molly, 2nd to last out of the water. Not in my wave, OVERALL.

2007_Sep30 044

Ow, those bike hills hurt. (Notice that I'm returning to transition with a full bottle of sports drink too LOL)

2007_Sep30 047

At least I knew how to run!

2007_Sep30 048

Well, so it seemed like a fun idea to do another Mermaid this year – it’s a small local race series for women and a number of my friends were going to do it. I was looking forward to getting to push myself over a relatively short distance and just see how it went.

0.25 mi swim (but actually ended up being 0.35 mi swim): 12:18 2007 time: 23:32

T1: 1:07 My fastest T1 ever! And it included wetsuit removal!

12 mi bike: 40:09 (17.9 mph – the fastest I’ve ever averaged in a race!) My instructions were to ride like I wasn’t running after – a nice experiment to see if I could push well! 2007 time: 11 miles + T1 + T2, 50:29

T2: 0:51 My fastest T2 ever!

2.5 mi run: 19:49 (7:55/mi) 2007 time: 22:36 (9:02/mi)


Finish time for ~14.75 mi: 1:14:25 2007 time (13.75 mi): 1:39:33

So, a 25 minute race PR!

Post-race I was still completely drenched from the swim! It was foggy out and I never dried off the whole race.


I spent a little time visiting with Mermaid friends and then headed home to ice-bath, eat and relax.


I had to focus on recovery for the rest of today – tomorrow begins another race week! After Knoxville, we decided to add another Olympic to my schedule – I’ll be racing the Silicon Valley International next Sunday. So light and easy this week to recover and prepare.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Sherry said...

A freakin' 25 minute PR!!! Holy smokes! Molly, your year has just been full of amazing accomplishments. I love that you decided to revisit one of your very first races to see what you could do with it now. That kind of improvement certainly makes all of this day-in-day-out SBR stuff super, duper sweet! Big congrats to you!!!!

San said...

Congratulations. What an amazing result.

Enjoy your recovery week

Kathleen said...

Congratulations of such a huge improvement!

Beth said...

Great job Molly! You are like a totally different athlete now! :) Good luck in the next one!

Jennifer said...

Holy cow you kicked butt in that race, congrats!!! 25 minutes is huge! Good luck with your upcoming races.

Wes said...

You are really stringing it all together now, Molly! Well done!!

Anonymous said...


We are Iron, we can do anything.

Thanks for the inspiration for my big push year.

So excited for you.

Kim said...

what's up SPEEDY?! congratulations! you kicked some serious ass my friend!

hey, i have some travel questions about san fran - hopign you can help me?! mind dropping me an email?
thanks dear!

Liz Waterstraat said...

If anyone gets too close to you, they might get burned...YOU ARE ON FIRE!

ShirleyPerly said...

SOLID race, Molly!!!

You sure were fast on those transitions. That's what I need to work on for sure over the summer in order to do well on short course races. Congrats on all the amazing improvements from 2007!

Maria said...

Good grief you're on fire this year! You just keep knocking the old numbers out of the park!

Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

NICE race! So fun to compare year over year :-) Congrats!

TriGirl Kate O said...

AWESOME JOB!!! Such improvement is great to see. ELF is right--you're on FIRE.