Friday, June 25, 2010


I continue my random post streak, it seems…lots of small things to share, never enough to constitute a whole blog post on their own.

I’m officially in love with kombucha.  I don’t know why I feared trying it or what it might taste like.  Now I need to find more! (there’s a bit of a shortage on the market right now)


Monthly departmental highlights were due to me at noon today from the managers I work with.  Based on their track record of timeliness, I opted to go to lunch at the beach!

The food at Zelda’s is so-so but the view is perfect!  The downside of a restaurant right at the beach is sometimes the people-watching goes a bit awry…I got to see far too much of one bare white ass as the guy closest to us adjusted his shorts repeatedly.


I really can’t believe all those people sunning in bathing suits.  I didn’t find it warm at all and was as bundled up as I could get!


Stanley and I are getting back to rally obedience practices so I can get him in the ring to compete.  It’s been a VERY long time for us (nearly 2 years) since we worked on this.  The nice part is that Stanley has passed through adolescence since then and has his brain back, even after playing with his new girlfriend (ah, the life of a 3-year-old boy, he falls in love at the drop of a hat).  We may just get back in to competition sometime soon…

After the expedited day of rest yesterday, I was back to training today with 5:30 am masters (1800 yards of kicking, OMG) and a trail run.  What a difference a day makes! My legs are a million times better.  Bring on the weekend!


Maggs said...

Yum. Kombucha. Glad you like it.

San said...

I just love to watch you working with the boys. It's so interesting, since I never had a dog. I'd love to have one but allergies...
Have a great weekend.

jennabul said...

1800 Yards of kicking? Really? Sounds like fun...I am gonna have to try that tea stuff now! Sounds like you had a good Friday! =) Happy training this weekend!