Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It’s Hump Day

I had an easy soft-surface run on tap for this morning – I spent it doing circles on the soccer field at the high school.  I wasn’t even sure I was going to be able to run when I started…still stiff.  After that I had a bike ride with some power intervals.  I was able to hit the wattages no problem but the whole thing just wore me out more than an hour ride should have.  I cried “uncle!” to Coach and she suggested switching Friday’s rest day to tomorrow.  So I get my day off a little early and I’m sure my legs will appreciate it.  I hadn’t expected that “let’s get back to basics” this week would mean “let’s hurt like it’s January and you haven’t lifted weights in months.”

I got some agility photos from recent trials by email and mail today.  Love these shots of the boys!



Clearly making the jump height isn’t an issue.


Above photos by Dog Gone Digital, below photos by Dynamic Dog Photos

I love the look he’s giving me on this contact






I *heart* my steady old teammate!



I thought I was entered in an agility trial this weekend but apparently I forgot to send in my entry.  Oops.  That will just mean more time to relax after training.  A free weekend after quite a few straight weeks of racing and trialing is not a bad thing.

In other news, I am always excited on Wednesdays because it’s the day I go to the farmers market.  They Today I grabbed some apricots, more cherries, cherry tomatoes and a flat of strawberries for my mom.  Berries are omnipresent at our farmers markets all season so I will wait to load up on them later in the summer, along with the 10,000 varieties of plums that will appear next month.  After several friends posted intriguing food pictures on Facebook and blogs, I had to hit up Whole Foods today too – I completely lack creativity when it comes to food so I have to steal idea from everyone else!  We’ll see what I can come up with from what I bought.

Phew! This week is dragging by awfully slowly…bring on the shorter workweeks around the holiday next week!


ADC said...

Those are great pictures. Enjoy your rest day.

Wes said...

Those pictures of the dogs in the air are just spectacular. My poor Moo is so itchy in this summer heat. I don't think its fleas. We've never had a flea problem. Any advice for long haired itchy dogs? :-)

Maria said...

Not gonna lie, these pictures are more fun to look at than race pictures...check out all the hair!

Kim said...

wow the pooches look awesome in the action shots. you look great too!

San said...

Those pictures are AMAZING, I love those airborne ones. So cool.

Enjoy your free weekend, only one more day to go. ;-)