Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bike Bonanza

I got a nice rest day after the race – very good thing – and then it was back to training.  Slowly at first – easy drill swim, easy run, easy spin – but then back to some intensity yesterday and today.  The miraculous part – to me – was that I never got sore from the race.  Tired, yes, of course, but not sore.  I know I should stop being surprised at this point but seriously – Recovery e21 thrills me every time!  Ironman training is going to be AMAZING this year if my body keeps responding this well to what I’m putting into it.

At masters on Wednesday, it was raining and cold with 30-50mph winds.  I shivered through the last 500 yards of the workout so I’d say the pool wasn’t quite up to my preferred temperature.  Possibly the best moment was when our coach was explaining the next set and a gust of wind blew a puddle off a canopy and down the back of his neck.  *giggle*

My current build cycle is a bit bike focused and this week is my BIG BIKE BONANZA (love it!  Coach is a master of pumping me up with little phrases built into my workouts and weekly goals).  I’ve biked the past 2 days and I have 2 more days of biking to go.  Thank goodness I got that bike fit or I’d be painfully saddle-sore by now. 

It looks like the rainy weather will relent for a couple days (it was supposed to rain this morning but instead we got sun and 65 degrees) so I’ll get to ride OUTSIDE and not freeze.  I am ridiculously excited about this!

I’m even more excited about my annual March trip to Arizona later this month.  I really need some hot weather and sun, and we all know Scottsdale is my happy place!

Happy weekend training to all!

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