Saturday, March 26, 2011

What a way to end a trip!

I’m back in California now, halfway home and stopped in a hotel for the night. But I said goodbye to Arizona on a high note, with my biggest training day of the year thus far!

Thanks to Krista for leading us out on some gorgeous roads with incredible scenery. She headed off to do her own workout once she got us going but it was a great help! I will HAVE to hit this route when I’m back in the fall.



Totally digging the matchy-matchy thing


I did a LOT more climbing today than I have in a long time but it was well worth it to get where we were going.






Jeff behind me, as we are only about halfway up the return climb from that valley floor below


And when faced with one heck of a long climb at the end of the ride on tired legs, might as well put a smile on the face again and appreciate being able to be strong enough to do this!


Today was the first time I took e21 every hour on the bike. I think it worked out pretty well because even on trashed legs at the peak heat of the day, my run off the bike was speedier than I could have ever expected. Or maybe the fact that I was running to Rock Bottom Brewery to meet Jeff, Krista and Shane for post-workout lunch made me run fast? Relax, I only drank water!

And so, it was another successful March trip to our happy place. I’m going to miss it but it’s good to know I’ll be back there in just 6 weeks to race!


Michelle Simmons said...

OK I LOVE your pink arm warmers and they look so good with that jersey! I'm gonna have to get me some of those... oh wait, we don't wear arm warmers here. ;) Glad you had a great ride!

Jennifer said...

What a super training trip! The kits look fantastic and it sounds like you pushed it hard and got some great rewards. Kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

wow, looks like you had an awesome time! I'm jealous of the nice warm dry sunny weather. Will have to make out to AZ sometime!

Wes said...

you only drank water? pfffft! and where did you find hills in Arizona?

Rainmaker said...

Love the scenery there - looks like an awesome ride! Wish it wasn't below freezing here right now! :(

And the pink matchy-matchy...actually looks pretty sharp!